Elderly Woman Writes Desperate Note to Neighbor, Asks to Be Her Friend, ‘I’m So Lonesome

She was so tired of being alone that she wrote a desperate note to her neighbor seeking friendship. Here’s what happened next.

Marleen Brooks, who lives in Park Hills, Maryland, came home one afternoon to find a letter from her neighbor, who lives two houses away.

She was Wanda MᎥlls, a 90-year-old woman Brooks had never met. Brooks was surprised by Wanda’s note, and she acted quickly.


Mills’ letter to Brooks [left] Mills and Brook. | youtube.com/CBS Sunday Morning

In the letter, MᎥlls, not knowᎥng Brooks’ name, addressed her as “Mrs? ” She asked the neighbor if she would consider becom*ng her friend and added that she lived alone and all of her friends had p>assed away. She also wrote:

“I feel so alone and scared. I pray for someone.” Her address was also included in the letter that she signed. Brooks shared the heartfelt letter with television news anchor Frank Somerville, who also posted it on his Facebook page.


Brooks went to Mi*lls’ house the day after receiving her letter. Brooks thought there was no one living at the elderly woman’s house because it was so quiet. The woman told CBS:

Mills’ letter to Brooks [left] Mills and Brook. | youtube.com/CBS Sunday Morning

“The next day, I went over there, and she (Mills) was pretty shocked to see me.” Brooks visited M*lls with a friend, and the older woman was delighted to have finally met the relatives she had longed for. MᎥlls thanked them for coming and hoped they didn’t take it as a compliment that she had written them.

She also revealed that she had lived in the house for 50 years and had no neighbors. MᎥlls said she was a mother of three sons, one of whom d.i.e.d o.f c.a.n.c.e.r in 2016, while the others lived far away.


Mills’ letter to Brooks [left] Mills and Brook. | youtube.com/CBS Sunday Morning

Brooks’ first visit to Mills marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Brooks continued to visit her at least four times weekly after Mills was admitted to a nursing home. She would also bring her husband and children along on some of her vacations. Mills was asked how her friendship with Brooks had changed her life. She replied, “Well, it helps.”


Brooks was so inspired by her meeting with Mills that she founded a group called Pen Pals For Seniors. The group works to end isolation among older people. As Brooks explained, what happened to Mills could have happened to anyone, and that no one should be made to feel alone. The woman also agreed that she felt called after her encounter with MᎥlls.

Mills’ letter to Brooks [left] Mills and Brook. | youtube.com/CBS Sunday Morning


As things turned out, Brooks was the perfect person to write the letter. Although it looked co-ordinated, the nonagenarian faced another

Brooks was supposed to have been sent to Mills by someone. In response to a question about who that individual was, she replied, “God sent her.” This beautifully written story illustrates how small acts of kindness can impact the lives of people.

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