Funny Moment Baby Gets Confused By His Dad’s Identical Twin

16-month-old Reed was totally confused after being passed between the arms of his dad and his dad’s identical twin. The baby couldn’t tell his father’s twin from his father when he visited.

Stephen Ratpojanakul, from New York, captured the hilarious moment on camera and posted it on Facebook, where it has been viewed more than 22 million times.

Baby Reed can’t decide which of the two men is his father in the video posted on 5 February 2016, and keeps reaching for Stephen and his brother Michael, calling them both ‘Dada’.

Stephen Ratpojanakul begins the clip holding his son.

Reed, however, shouted “Dada” and stretched out his arms to his uncle when he pointed to his brother, Michael Ratpojanakul.

The baby didn’t know which brother was his father.

Michael did the same – pointing to Reed’s real dad Stephen and asking who it was.

Reed says, “Dada”, and reaches out to go back to his dad.

After Stephen takes off Michael’s glasses, Reed reaches out to his uncle and calls him ‘Dada’, much to the amusement of the twins.

Stephen then takes off his own glasses. As Reed is being held by Michael, he leans back, whimpers, and points at his real father.

When asked, ‘Who are you?’’ ’ Reed says ‘Daddy!’’ ’ before diving back into his father’s arms.

The brothers laughed again when, once back in his father’s arms, he glanced back at his uncle and declared, “Dad,” before attempting to jump back to his father.

Carroll, Reed’s twin brother, explained Reed’s hilarious reaction to Buzzfeed: ‘Reed isn’t used to me wearing glasses, so he kept reaching back and forth between us.’

Many people have said things like “he’s so confused” and “poor baby”, but Reed was having the most fun he’s ever seen, he said.

The site was also told that the family tried the experiment with Carroll and her twin, Reed, and he passed with flying colors.

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