Husband is on a business trip for 20 days. His wife became angry when he unpacked his suitcase

According to a woman on TikTok, her husband’s ex-girlfriend is his co-worker, and she now believes that they may have slept together while on a business trip due to something she discovered in his suitcase.

A lot of people have seen their c.h.e.a.t.i.n.g partners caught out by clues left in online orders and gift receipts recently. A woman named Becky claims to have found the proof she needs in her husband’s suitcase.

According to Becky, the mum-of-three who shared her story on TikTok, her husband went on a business trip this month and stayed in the same hotel as his ex-girlfriend, who is also one of his colleagues.

The user @mealswithbecky initially shared a video of her text conversation with her spouse. In spite of admitting he had asked his ex if she was still interested in him, he insisted nothing was happening with her.

Becky told her husband that since his ex-girlfriend Jess was there, she didn’t feel comfortable. She wasn’t sure whether she should be worried.

She replied: “Don’t worry, we aren’t even in the same hotel room, she is next door.”.

“Seriously, don’t worry about it. She doesn’t even like me anymore.”

Becky then showed more texts between her and her husband in a follow-up video.

She tried to get him to tell her the hotel’s name so she could call the front desk and ask about the sleeping arrangements.

The husband would not tell her the name of the hotel and insisted on telling her about it when he got home.

In a third video, Becky revealed she decided to unpack her husband’s suitcase when he returned home and found evidence that he had been with another woman. The video has gone viral.

When Becky unpacked her husband’s suitcase after a business trip, she found this stuck to the bottom of his sock.

She shows the camera a black sock with a glittery pink press-on nail attached – which she insists isn’t hers.

Since Christmas, I haven’t done my nails, and I don’t wear press-ons.

Becky’s most recent update showed her trying to record a conversation with her husband before he took the phone from her hand and stopped it.

Becky shared in the caption that her husband claimed the nail belonged to his mother. She thought he was lying.

“Why would it be his mum’s nail?” Becky asked.

More than 13 million people have watched Becky’s video series.

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