This elderly woman came to a gas station to buy petrol, but she ended up leaving it with so much more.

Olivia Jennings filled up her gas tank at a Marathon Gas Station in Summer Avenue a couple of days ago. She ended up getting more than she expected. At the checkout counter, she was joking with two Memphis teens when one offered to pay for her gas.

Olivia Jennings was joking around with two young men at a Memphis gas station recently. “I was teasing him about how much orange juice they were buying,” she replied.

One of the young men turned to Olivia and offered to pay for her gas as a result of their friendly banter.

“I thought he was teasing me, so I pulled out my credit card and said, ‘oh, it’s ok, I got it.’ He replied, ‘no, ma’am, I really want to buy your gas,’ and I agree.”

She was then given $20 by the young man. Olivia was so touched by the act of kindness from the boy. She was so moved that she asked if she could take a picture with him and share their story online.

It touched her so much.

She asked him to pose with her for a picture. “He came up, and we embraced and took a picture together. He had a friend take the photo,” she said.

She asked the Good Samaritan if she could post their picture online, and he agreed. Despite the bad reputation Memphis was receiving lately due to c.r.i.m.e, she wanted others to know that Memphis has good young people.

“I just want to know if he did something kind, people would at least say something about it.”. I know you’re a good kid. They are doing the right thing. The post was shared and liked hundreds of times, and many praised the man for his generosity.

One of her followers wrote, “I love my city…and it’s people like Amir who remind me of what’s good about it.” Thanks for sharing.” Another said, “Amir does Memphis proud! Thank you, sir!”

“It was really good to see everybody commenting on how good the youth is in Memphis.

Memphis has them no matter what you say. They’re everywhere,” she said.

There is a silver lining to every cloud. In the midst of negative press about Memphis, this teen is a breath of fresh air. Our future depends on the next generation.

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