Heartbroken Father Was Told He Was Too ILL To Attend Daughter’s Wedding, So She Surprised Him On Her Wedding Day

Father was told he was too sick to attend daughter’s wedding, so she surprised him on the wedding day.

Having your father walk you down the aisle and dancing with him are two of the most important moments of any wedding.

After her dad was hospitalized just weeks before her wedding day, Janae Hauger was determined to dance with him to their favorite song on her big day.

Janae surprised her father in hospital after he was too ill to attend her wedding so they could dance together.

After the big day on August 11 in Ridgewood, Ohio, the 23-year-old’s reverie was shattered when her father, Steve Price, 59, suddenly complained of crippling stomach pains just weeks before the wedding.

Steve was rushed into the hospital on July 16 and was diagnosed with severe pancreatitis. He remained in the care of the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center for several weeks.

After suffering a number of setbacks, Steve was told by doctors just three days before the wedding that he was too ill to participate.

Janae and her family ventured to the hospital chapel at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center to surprise the groom’s father.

Stevie was brought to tears when he saw his daughter in her wedding gown on August 11. Darius Rucker’s ‘It Won’t Be Like This For Long’ was playing in the background.

Janae, visibly shaking from emotion, encourages Steve to get up, and the two gently sway along to the music, as they had always planned.

To surprise her father, Jane carefully planned the moment with the help of hospital staff.

Janae FaceTimed her father for the remainder of the wedding so he didn’t miss a thing once the bridal party reluctantly returned to the reception.

I’m off to cry in the bathroom now.


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