Woman Raises $39,000 After Watching Elderly Delivery Driver Struggle On Front Steps

Through the Ring camera on her doorbell, Isabelle Grace Stephens, an Idaho woman, noticed the “cutest door dasher.” When she grew curious about who this driver was, she asked the company to put her in touch with him, as she explained in one of the numerous follow-up videos.

The vast majority of people despise working, so they spend their early mornings fantasizing about the day when they can retire.As time passes, that period in our life that past generations may have taken for granted appears increasingly unlikely for us. Other factors may be at play, but the most likely reason is that we will not have enough money to retire once we reach the age of 65.

For some seniors, this is already the case. Some people feel strongly about how sad this is, which has led one TikToker and her followers to help a DoorDash driver.

Despite not being able to reveal his contact information on their own, they stated they could ask him if he consented to his number being shared.

In spite of the man’s generally private nature, Stephens’ excitement appeared to have won him over, and she and her son were able to communicate with him.

Stephens said in another follow-up, “He has worked his entire life and gone through a lot of hardships.”

Stephens urged her supporters to join forces with her and assist him in his retirement before the meeting.

Kerry (not seen) works as a security guard in addition to being a DoorDash driver and raising his two sons alone.

He would tell Stephens, “My wife d.i.e.d in 2011, and I am a DoorDash driver to make ends meet.”

Stephens’ experiences with DoorDash were compounded by health problems, poor basic pay of $2.50 for each delivery, and DoorDash’s fees that affect tips, according to a GoFundMe account set up by Stephens.

With this in mind, Stephens’ mission was to assist Kerry in quitting at least one of his jobs.

Just five days after Stephens posted her TikTok about Kerry, her fans raised $39,423 for him.

She also updated with another message, confirming that he is getting the donations, which are intended to be placed straight into his checking account by the end of each day.

It was evident that his story struck a chord with TikTok fans, who had assumed he was working to keep himself busy rather than to get money.

As one user said, “Sadly our elderly have to work because with the inflation and how much meds cost retirement income doesn’t cover it. My dad worked every day.”

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