Britain’s biggest family gets even larger as the Radfords welcome child number 21

Britain’s biggest family grows even bigger! A new baby has been welcomed by the Radfords, but ‘supermum’ Sue, 43, says this will be her last…after making the same promise last year.

The biggest family in Britain just got bigger after mother Sue Radford gave birth to her 21st child.

On Tuesday, Bonnie Raye was born at 6.43pm at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, where midwives had delivered 14 of the family’s children before.

Bonnie Radford, 8lb 4oz, was born after Mrs Radford, 43, endured a 12-minute labour.

Her family fought over the first cuddle with her as she was taken home to Morecambe, Lancashire on Wednesday.

The last time Mrs. Radford gave birth was in September 2017, and she promised at the time that it would be her last.

In a May YouTube video, she announced that she was pregnant again.

The other kids enthusiastically welcomed the new member of the family. Bonnie weighed eight pounds and four ounces when she was born. The children share rooms in a 10-bedroom house that was converted from a care home.

Children fought over who would hold the baby. The mother was pleased to see how much love the other children expressed toward their new sibling.

Noel, her husband, is 47 and works as a baker. According to him, he did not plan to have over 20 children and initially thought they would only have three children.

The couple decided not to have any more children after their 21st baby.

This is not the first time the couple has vowed not to have another pregnancy.

This happened with their previous child, Archie, who is now 14 months old.
Oddly, when Noel had a vasectomy shortly after the birth of his ninth child, he later reversed the procedure.

A mother reflects on the 811 weeks of pregnancy she has lived through and states that this has to come to an end. All the maternity clothing will be disposed of in a gesture of finality, she says.

From now on, she wishes not to become pregnant again. The staff at the hospital asked if they could expect to see her again, and she emphatically replied that they would not.

Mrs. Radford says she enjoys the large number of children she already has.

Christopher, now 30, and Bonnie, his four-day-old sister, are aunts to Maisie, their 16-month-old daughter.

As a result, Bonnie has two more nieces and a nephew born to Sue and Noel’s eldest daughter, Sophie.

The Radfords’ house is full of laughter and there is never a dull moment, Mr Radford said. Mr Radford expressed his belief that this will be their last child.

Children, however, are not convinced.

They join Chris, Sophie, Chloe, Jack, Daniel, Luke, Millie, Katie, James, Ellie, Aimee, Josh, Max, Tillie, Oscar, Casper, Hallie, Phoebe, and Archie.

They met when Sue was just seven years old in Morecambe, Lancashire.

Sue and Chris had their first child, Chris, when Sue was only 14 years old. As they had both been given up for adoption at birth, the couple decided to keep the baby.

After moving into their first home together, the couple got married. When Sue was 17, they welcomed their second child, Sophie.

The Radford family lost a son, Alfie, who was stillborn in 2014, but he remains very much a part of the family.

Bonnie has a special bond with Alfie, according to both parents.

They welcomed their 19th child, Phoebe, in July 2016, and well-wishers congratulated them.

Their daughter Sophie became a grandmother when she gave birth to her third child.

They now live in a large Victorian house, a former care home, which they bought 11 years ago for £240,000. They pride themselves on having no credit cards or finance agreements. They also take an annual vacation abroad.

The couple spends £300 a week on food shopping, with 18 pints of milk, three litres of juice, and three boxes of cereal consumed daily.

In celebration of their children’s birthdays, they set aside £100 for presents, while at Christmas they budget between £100 and £250.

During her wife’s ninth pregnancy, her husband had a vasectomy, which he had reversed when they decided to have more children.

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