Single Mother Can’t Stop Crying When Her 13-year-old Son Buys A Car For Her

William Preston deserves to be one of the most amazing 13-year-olds ever. He decided that buying his mother a new car would make her life substantially easier after watching her struggle as a single mother.

William’s mother, Krystal Preston, lives in Fernley with her three children and three dogs and struggles to make ends meet without transportation.

My son is here at my low point,” Krystal Preston says. Everybody goes through rough patches in their lives, but good can come from any situation if someone with a heart does it.”

The entrepreneur WᎥllᎥam Preston does yard and house work for people Ꭵn hᎥs communᎥty to make a lᎥttle extra money. BeᎥng the oldest man Ꭵn the house, he knew he wanted to help provᎥde for hᎥs famᎥly.

William said he saw on YouTube that people get their mothers cars as a surprise. I wanted to do the same.

On the internet, William found a 1999 white Chevrolet Metro for sale by a local woman. The man contacted the woman and explained the situation, asking if he could trade his Xbox for the car or if he could earn it.

William’s quest soon became a reality after he negotiated with the woman. He then went home to tell his mother the good news.”I got you a car, but she didn’t believe me,” William said.

William surprised Krystal by telling her that he had bought her a new car. Krystal and William stepped outside their home, and sure enough, the woman selling the car was waiting for them. The two of them were driven to her house where her car was parked.

“I lost it, I bawled. I was like, ‘there’s no way,'” Krystal says. “Then she gave me the keys and the paperwork. “In spite of a few quirks and a little work needed, Krystal says the car is perfect.
“I’m proud that my kid did this, but as a mom, I’m supposed to be able to take care of them, not the other way around,” Krystal said.

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