Adorable 3-Year-Old Girl Gives Her Dad Hilarious Lecture About Leaving the Toilet Seat Up

Almost everyone is familiar with this argument: Who is responsible for putting the toilet seat up/down in a co-ed bathroom? Women often argue that if a man puts the seat up, it is the man’s responsibility to put it back down. Men tend to conveniently forget about the discussion. Bradlee Rae Hayes, however, has had enough. She gives her father a reasonable lecture about why he must put the toilet seat down when she gets tired of him leaving it up all the time.

Bradlee Rae Hayes has already seen the toilet seat left up quite a few times at just three years old. The little tike from Bedford, Texas, is beyond pissed off about this matter and decides to confront the only person who might be responsible.

While confronting her father about his bad manners, Bradlee asks, “How many times do I have to tell you to put the seat down for me when you put it up?” Why do you do that?

Bradlee fires back with some pretty valid arguments after her dad doesn’t see any problem with it. Listen, Daddy, when you’re done with the potty, you’ve got to put it down for when big girls come in and need to use it. But he insists on leaving it up.

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