Can You Guess How Many Girls Are In This Photo?

Is it just a trick of the eye? Is the solution obvious? Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari’s 2016 photograph has baffled the Internet. Even after all these years, no one seems to be able to decide how many girls are in the picture. There is a mirror in the shot, which makes determining the number of people in the shot difficult.

Titiana Vergari posted a perplexing image on Instagram as part of the Weekend Hashtag Project, labeling it: Same yet different – My Instagram submission for #WHPidentity. The hashtag #WHPidentity was created as part of Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag Project, which is a series of themed hashtags. The Shorty Awards named Vergari’s photo “Instagram Photo of the Year”, according to Simplemost. What makes one image different from the rest? The Shorty Awards aim to recognize and reward the “best in social media.” There are over 600 million Instagram users, and there are an almost infinite number of images on the platform. Our Instagram Photo of the Year candidates, on the other hand, are those that you can’t forget once you see them, capturing the essence of a moment in a way that others can’t. There is no doubt that they’re the best. In fact, a description of the awards reads: So, how many do you think you’ll see?

Redditors responded with their own thoughts on the topic. A majority of respondents believed the number might be as high as 14. Several others commented that some of the girls were ‘real’ and others were reflections. “There are four of them.” Take another look…again…again…again…again… DvsDominus commented, “Two sets of twins (or girls that seem quite similar) and a mirror…very beautifully done shot.” “It’s worth noting that the first female and the 4th/5th reflection have different haircuts.” As well as the shadows around the eyes. Additionally, the first has a longer face, while the second has a shorter, less pointed jawline,” said sensiblynonsensical. In MattSpew’s words, “The color/brightness would diminish with each reflection; a mirror does not reflect 100% of the light.” I’m quite certain there are only two.

According to some, the photographer used two sets of identical twins to give the impression that there were four “real” girls. 

The caption of the original Instagram photo reads, “4 chicks.” There are two sets of twins. The clue is in the title. Another person remarked, “Clearly there are four.” Look at the reflections. 

In the mirror, you can see the rear of their heads, but not their faces. They all have the same appearance. What do you make of this? Take another look at it. Are you still puzzled? We now have a response. Vergari, according to The Express, provided the actual and ultimate response. According to her, the snapshot only shows two girls, both of whom she believes are her children.

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