Eye Test: How Fast Can You Read The Hidden Word In The Photo?

Today, we have a fun eye test for you to try, as well as some goodies. Today’s challenge is not only fun, but it’s also packed with brain-boosting benefits! Here are some photos you’ll find interesting. There’s a word hidden somewhere beneath these bizarre visuals. All you have to do is read the word as quickly as you can. Isn’t that easy?

It’s like trying to find a hidden word in an image while looking for a needle in a haystack. You know it’s there, but you’ll need to use many different skills to find it.

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If you’ve ever forgotten your glasses or a remote control, you know how easy it is to forget something. It doesn’t matter if it’s right there in front of you. The problem is with hidden object eye tests. There are certain items in your brain that are occasionally glossed over and replaced with visual static. To overcome this, you’ll have to make your eyes notice what’s right in front of them. Instead of relying on your mind to fill in the gaps.

You’ll love your brain if you do hidden object puzzles and visual brain teasers every day! It’s a great idea! Let’s look at today’s visual difficulties and see how you perform on the eye exam.

Eye test 1

The first eye test difficulty can be found in the image below. This image contains a hidden word. That’s true, this image contains a hidden word. You have to rely on your visual abilities to notice what’s there. You may need to shift your perspective from time to time. Furthermore, lighting, contrast, and darkness may all affect how we perceive things. Take advantage of these suggestions. Good luck!

What word is hidden in the image below?

word eye test 1

Keep track of your time when taking these eye test difficulties. The higher your score, the faster you get the answer right. Make a note of the time and the word you think is hidden in the image. Go to number 2 when you’re ready.

Eye test 2

It is a more challenging visual task. Due to the absence of color and the rise in form and movement, it will be more difficult to identify the hidden word in the photo below. Keep track of your time and write down the word you believe is hidden within the image.

eye test 2 picture

What was your experience like? Did you find both of the hidden words in the images above? Let’s see whether you answered all the questions correctly!


You might have had to shake your head from left to right to find the hidden word in the first image. Maybe you had to shake your head up and down. In any case, if you wanted to solve this issue quickly, the movement would have been your best friend. “WORD” was the word you needed to find. Did you find it?

solution to eye test 1

The answer to number two is “ROCK.”

solution eye test 2
  • If you found both terms within 20 seconds, you did better than the majority of people who attempted this challenge. Over 95% of your eye test results are positive! Well done!
  • If it takes you 21-30 seconds to discover both words, then your eye test score is 85 percent. Not bad!
  • If it took you more than 30 seconds to complete the task, you received a 75 percent. You might need to practice more on these sorts of tasks. We’ve put together a great collection to get you started!

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