Woman Shows Her 6-Year-Old Son Sitting By Himself At His Birthday Party As No One Showed Up For His Party

When it comes to birthdays, parents and kids usually have very different concerns, fears, and wants. Birthday parties, however, are universally feared. No parent or child wants to throw a kid’s birthday party and no one shows up. Isn’t it heartbreaking for the child and their parents watching?

The Mazzini family endured it, but they ended up with the last smile. The Phoenix Suns NBA team made sure Teddy didn’t forget his sixth birthday after no one attended his party!

Teddy Mazzini turned six in 2018, but when the time came to celebrate, he was all alone.

Sil Mazzini invited over 30 of Teddy’s kindergarten classmates to his pizza party birthday party, but none of them came.

Only one parent called to apologize and offer excuses. Teddy was left alone and frowning at a long empty table with dozens of uneaten pieces of birthday pizza.

Teddy’s mother posted photos of her son’s heartbreak on social media in anger. Teddy’s birthday quickly spread on social media and messages of congratulations flooded in for the youngster.

Among the well-wishers were the Phoenix Suns, who offered tickets to their game against LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday.

“How about we host thousands of people at our place!” the team tweeted.

Phoenix Rising, a professional soccer team in the area, followed suit, inviting Teddy to “join 7,000 of your closest friends.”

According to reports, Didier Drogba’s soccer club offered Teddy tickets for Friday’s game, and he accepted them.

Later, the boy sent a message to his supporters thanking them for their kind words.

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