5 years ago, this baby girl was born with very beautiful eyes. How does she look now?

Five years ago, her eyes fascinated the world. Her parents did nothing to make her famous. Internet made her famous.On laykni.com, we’ll tell you about Jahaa Sofia’s unusual appearance, and how she looks today.

Her mother gave her the unusual name.

Upon first glance, one realizes that the Stambliss family is an international family: both parents have interesting looks. Tall and fair-haired, blue-eyed, with a straight, narrow nose and thin lips, his beauty contrasts with that of his beloved. She has black hair, dark skin, brown eyes, full lips, and a hijab, which clearly shows that she belongs to Eastern culture. Apparently, the woman’s homeland is Malaysia.

Their private lives were not revealed, but they were married in 2014. Their first child was born in a Swedish hospital two years later. She was named Jaha’a Sofia. The name was given to her by her mother. If a son were to be born, the father would name him, and if a daughter was to be born, Mrs. Stambliss would name her.

Took the best from both parents.

It was as if she had hit the jackpot – Jahaa Sophia had inherited her parents’ good looks. Her face, nose, and lips are beautiful, but her big eyes are the most striking feature. Her eyelashes are exceptionally thick and beautiful. People have always been fascinated by her eyes. Parents published a picture of their baby girl on the web, and it became a topic of conversation.

People admired the newborn’s beauty and predicted that she would become an actress or a model. Her beautiful appearance will make it easy for her to break into show business. Especially since she has already caught the first wave of popularity: she has over 7,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and almost 70,000 followers on Instagram. It should have even more fans, but the girl’s previous account was hacked, so she had to create a new one.

I’m ready to work with the camera.

Jahaa is now almost six years old. She has already participated in a photo shoot for a local magazine and actively promotes things from advertisers on Instagram. She poses enthusiastically in front of the camera and enjoys making short videos with her sister Amira. They live in Stockholm and share their ordinary lives online, but it is their content that is liked by their followers.

She grew up in an ordinary family. She draws pictures, tells poems, goes on slides, watches animals, and learns to write. When her mother posts pictures of Jahaa on the internet, every post is replete with comments praising her beauty. Even videos of her eating lunch or answering her mother’s questions delight people’s hearts.

She’s growing up to be a real beauty.

Gradually, the little girl’s face changes with age. However, her appearance has become even more interesting as of late. She has thick black hair with bangs giving her a charming and mature appearance; her chin has grown, her cheeks have lost their childish fullness, and her beautiful nose has grown longer. Her eyes remain attractive, however.

 The smᎥle of the young star Ꭵs also noteworthy. She beautiful symmetrical pink lips, which are accentuated by a cupid’s bow on In addition to her thick black hair with bangs, her chin has grown,

Even though their bloodlines are completely different, what extraordinary children they are. Their appearances are beautiful. When such children are also talented, they immediately capture the hearts of their audience. Little Jahaah has a great chance of becoming famous.


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