6 Clear Signs That Show Your Guy Wants To Marry You, Take No.3 Serious

There are six clear signs he wants to marry you

You might think your man isn’t ready to get married, but don’t jump to conclusions too quickly.

It can be challenging for single women in relationships, especially long-term ones, to catch those low-key signals their partners send about marriage plans.

It’s easy to think your man isn’t planning for the future, but you should be careful not to jump to conclusions.

Here are six clear signs he wants to marry you:

1. He tells you everything

Men tend to keep to themselves a lot. It means that he trusts you completely and your opinion matters to him a lot when he starts to open up to you. He may want to spend the rest of his life with you if he does this

When they find the woman they want to spend their lives with, guys become emotional and soft. In fact, they are not afraid to tell you how they feel. In fact, he is not ashamed to tell you how much he loves you. In fact, he is always telling you how special you are to him.

2. He asks you how you would like your dream wedding to be

In case your guy asks you about your dream wedding, your favorite wedding colours, ring size, or any other important aspect of the wedding he is particular about, then you can be sure he is willing to settle down with you.

What’s interesting about this is that he plans all this with you in mind. There is a genuine concern in his heart about how these seemingly minute details will affect your life.

3. Together, they plan the future

He may be ready to settle down with just you if he starts involving you in his future plans and asks your opinion on them because they matter to him.

4. When faced with challenges, he doesn’t hit the door

There will always be challenges, and things may get harder over time. You will have a long-term relationship with your man if he stays by your side during these trying times.

5. He sees just you alone

In a room full of people, he’ll still look for you because he doesn’t have a wandering eye, instead he focuses on you alone.

6. No matter where he goes, he takes you with him

Without you by his side, he can’t go to his most important events. With him, you can enjoy family holidays, special events, and outings. He is proud of you and wants to show you off to everyone.


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