Mom gives her baby a full stiletto manicure and posts pictures on social media offering them to others

(Within reason, of course) there is no right or wrong way to raise a child. As mothers and fathers, we embark on a journey of learning for which nothing can prepare us.

We live in a time when everything we do is analyzed and often criticized by someone or other. Everybody has an opinion to share, and a lot of them online, making many people afraid to speak their mind.

Clearly, however, that was not a worry held by one mother, who gave her baby a full-blown manicure before uploading pictures of the results to the internet.

The images originated on Facebook, and feature a baby with long fake nails in a stiletto shape.

“I can do your baby’s nails. Please PM me. I offer cheap rates,” the original poster captioned the images.

Now, we must point out – as others have done – that there’s a chance the baby’s hands are Photoshopped, but, as others have highlighted, that does not mean people won’t try and copy this alarming ‘trend’ for real now.

The pictures soon made their way to Twitter, where people commented about the potential hazards associated with giving a young baby nails such as those shown in the photo.

I could understand painting a baby’s nails, but giving them fake ones? That’s dangerous! They constantly touch their faces, so it could really harm their eyes. It would be better to wait until they are older.

Another person said: “No, just no.”. Since the baby’s nail is so thin, this can damage it later on. Also, it’s stupid.”

Another added: “Especially sharp things that your baby would put in their mouth and possibly swallow. Don’t do it.”

Others pointed out that an unknowing baby could easily poke themselves in the eye with nails like that, causing potential damage.

Obviously, it is strongly recommended that you do not apply any sort of fake nails to the fingers of your baby.

If you are a parent, you have the right to do whatever you feel is best for your children, but it is always critical to remember that their safety should always come before any superficial trend.

How do you feel about the pictures above? What do you think? Is it appropriate for a baby to have such ridiculously long nails? Please let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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  1. I’m not a fan for all the aforementioned reasons but also for the possibility that the child might swallow them and be internally damaged . As we all know if there is a dangerous way to get hurt a baby will find if . No not a fan at all!!!