Do You Drink Coffee In The Morning On An Empty Stomach? You Need To Know This Immediately

Around the world, many people drink coffee right after they wake up. We all love sunny days, when we can hang out in the garden or go for a coffee with our friends in the nearby coffee shop. Yes, you are absolutely right when it comes to drinking coffee. Although it is very beneficial and useful for the human body, it should not be taken on an empty stomach, especially in the morning. Here are some reasons why.

1. Nutritional issues

Researchers at the Yokohama City University School of Medicine in Japan have found that coffee makes us digest food faster. Minerals and vitamins are not absorbed properly, resulting in nutrient deficiencies. Decaf is no exception.

Caffeine is also playing a role. The kidneys are sped up in the removal of liquids from our bodies, which means that calcium, zinc, magnesium, or other minerals do not get absorbed as well.

Magnesium deficiency may cause many issues due to its deficiency, including depression, asthma, anxiety, heart disease, high blood pressure, chronic pain, migraines, kidney disease, etc.

2. Gastrointestinal problems

We digest our food with hydrochloric acid in our stomach. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach, however, increases acid production. When this happens often, our bodies lose interest in producing this acid on their own, which slows digestion.

In addition, some bacteria can appear as a result of the slow digestion, which produces hydrogen sulfide, which results in farts.

Having too much stomach acid, however, can result in indigestion, heartburn, and irritation of the intestines. This may cause bowel syndrome, acid reflux, or ulcers if it continues for a long time.

3. Anxiety and Depression

Caffeine is what people who drink coffee first thing in the morning want. This, however, causes anxiety and depression.

– Coffee can increase stress hormone levels.

– It affects the production of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter connected with the senses of well being and calm. Antidepressants are actually maintaining the proper levels of serotonin in the body.

– It also affects the level of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which is associated with a lower level of stress.

– It fastens the secretion of B vitamins and then affects its absorption. Relaxation, mood regulation, and stress management are all enhanced by B vitamins.

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  1. Only drink coffee. 72 and fit. No medication for anything. Just given 90th pint of blood. It hasn’t done me any harm ! ! !