‘It Just Gives Me Hope’: Mom Is Blown Away After Stranger Buys Air Jordans For Son With Autism

An anonymous stranger bought a pair of expensive Air Jordans for a Chicago mom and her autistic son.

Theresa Hunt bought 16-year-old Xavier Air Jordans for his birthday at Brickyard Mall, but she couldn’t afford them.

A stranger surprised them with his act of generosity at that moment. Hunt apologized for not being able to provide her son with the Jordans he so desperately desired, but offered to bring him different sneakers.

Xavier’s mother and son were praising the boy’s school performance and how well he was doing when a stranger in line before them overheard their conversation and bought him the identical pair of Air Jordans he had wanted.

Imagine the delight and happiness that stranger brought to this mother and son at that moment; it is an experience they will never forget.

Hunt claimed the man had paid for Xavier’s shoes and handed them to him, wishing him luck in school. It’s nice to get a blessing like that out of the blue.” “It really gives me hope,” Hunt said.

Since the man went so fast, the mother and son were unable to collect his name, but they are grateful for his kindness to Xavier.

Such acts of compassion remind us of the power of kindness in a world that has become increasingly selfish and hate-filled. We should be the hands and feet of Jesus every day, doing things that our Lord would be proud of.

Source: faithpot.com

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