6-year-old boy goes viral after saluting military men at airport

From an early age, we’re taught to respect and honor our troops.

In the end, the men and women who sacrifice so much for our freedom truly deserve it. As an adult, I am acutely aware of this and support our troops whenever possible.

However, I had difficulty grasping the concept when I was young. Although I knew that soldiers were doing brave things to protect us, I hadn’t yet learned what gratitude really meant.

Jace Vega, 6, certainly does. A photo of the first-grader saluting military members at San Antonio International Airport has gone viral.

His family and he were at the airport to greet his father as he returned from a trip to Colorado Springs. As soon as he saw the military personnel, the first-grader decided to salute them.

“Why don’t you tell them [the station] what you told me that maybe you want to be a soldier someday?””” Joe Vega asked his son, who responded: “Yep.”

Joe revealed that he’s proud of his son, adding that the salute may have opened doors for him in the future.

Several companies have contacted us and other people have just reached out to my wife, he said. They want to use his picture in an airport in Florida. Some locally owned veteran companies that do shirts, that are locally owned and operated, are going to do a couple of shirts for him.”

You did a great job, Jace! The spirit of patriotism and support for those who deserve it should never be underestimated!

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