A Teen was Caught on Camera Running to the aid of an Elderly Blind Woman

The 15-year-old boy and his younger sister deserve all the praise for noticing an elderly woman in need and offering to help.

Dontarius Caldwell was playing games on his phone with his younger sister Diamond while they waited for the school bus when Diamond spotted a woman struggling to push the button at a crosswalk.

His sister told him that she thought the woman was blind, and he should help her. He didn’t realize his actions would be filmed and shared across the country.

Then I told Dontarius that I thought she was blind, and he got up and went to help her cross the street twice, while I waited for the bus,” Diamond said.

The freshman from Cincinnati, Ohio, approached the woman and asked if she needed help. She responded, “yes,” and took his hand.

He then guided the elderly, blind lady across the street safely, while his sister waited for the school bus.

A group of devoted teenagers did not think anything of their actions, telling local media they were just raised to do the right thing.

“I was simply trying to help.”. I didn’t expect to be on camera,” Dontarius told NBC’s WLWT5 News.

“I was just giving a hand to the elderly. Helping hand is the key. Everyone needs help,” he said.

The image of Dontarius helping the woman was shared on social media. In just 24 hours, thousands of people have seen the video and praised the teen.

“If you are kind, what happens to them will happen to you,” Dontarius said.

As a reward for his kindness, Dontarius was given a key to the school.

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