Young mom blessed with quadruplets only weeks after adopting 4 foster children

For most parents, welcoming a baby into their family is the greatest blessing. 

Having a child brings happiness and a jovial mood to the family. A couple’s dream is always closed if they cannot conceive a child and they will have less or no happiness in their family. 

This is an example of a family that has been trying unsuccessfully to get children into their family but bearing no fruit, so many people considered them infertile.

Jake and Maxine Young always wanted children. Sadly, they never had any. 

Maxine decided they should adopt the kids and become foster parents. After they were married they began the foster care training, and after the training and taking the necessary steps, they took custody of the children.

Having a child was not yet off the table for Maxine and Jacob. However, they only had one child. 

Despite continuing with their adoption process, Maxine noticed that her body was feeling better after a few months. The good news to the family was that she was pregnant again.

Astonished by the good news, the couple had no idea they were in for a bigger and better surprise. 

After 32 weeks of pregnancy, Maxine gave birth to four very beautiful children, each weighing about 3 to 4 pounds. The children were named Silas, Theo Alexander, Beck Killian, and Cecilia Hudson. All the babies are doing well.

 In the process of adopting four more children, Maxine and Jake have widen their family, and their home is now full of happiness.

We wish this family a happy family time with their newly born children and their adopted children who became part of their family. As the family now has nine lovely children, we wish them all the best as they begin the journey of raising the kids. We wish them the best.

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