Bride Goes Viral For $47 Wedding Dress, Tying The Knot On A $500 Budget

Weddings are notoriously expensive, but one Los Angeles couple found a way to save on their big dayA recent article on wedding planning website The Knot stated that Kiara and Joel Broken rough managed to pull everything together for only $500. This is significantly less than the national average of almost $30,000.On “Good Morning America,” Kiara said, “We wanted to keep things as simple as possible.” “We also wanted to spend as little money as possible. “As stated by the bride and groom, they were able to avoid debt during their early marriage by focusing on not falling into debt. Their low-cost wedding began with Kira’s outfit, which she purchased for $47 on Shein’s website.

TikTok was used by Kiara to document her dress shopping experience. Approximately one million people have viewed the video.”I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a dress since I would only wear it once for a few hours,” she explained.Her family gave her flowers and a runner to help her save money for the wedding.

Additionally, the couple saved money by finding a free parking spot near one of California’s major roads. Guests paid for food and drinks during the reception. “You have a wedding with witnesses, swearing to your spouse and pledging to God that you will spend the rest of your lives together,” Kiara said. After that, there is a get-together with food, drinks, and dancing. We were able to accomplish that. “A low-cost wedding requires a lot of cooperation from family and friends, according to Kira.

To avoid having to spend money on decorations, she advises picking a site that is both free and beautiful. Couples must also have their end goal in mind, which is marriage, during the process. “The people we had there understood the assignment, they understood what we were trying to do, and they were very helpful,” Kiara said.


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