Pregnant Woman Can’t Afford A Flight She Desperately Needs And Then She Looks Closer At The Note

There are many of us who look back on our youth and remember the time when we were young couples just trying to make ends meet. Taryn and Ben find themselves in the same situation.

Ben is from Ireland, but they live in Spring, Texas. Since there are not many people in that town, they knew each other when they were in high school together and when they began dating.

Taryn got pregnant in 2016 and Ben wanted to take them both to his homeland. It was expensive to travel to Ireland back then, and neither of them had the money to pay for the tickets.

While both of them were excited about becoming parents, they worked long hours and didn’t receive much pay, but as a young couple, they were doing the best they could. They also did not have schedules that matched up exactly, so they weren’t able to spend as much time together as they would have liked.

They had already been dating for a number of years before they found out they were expecting a boy. She was looking forward to going to Ireland, and if they don’t get there soon, it will be even harder because of the baby.

Eventually, they knew they wouldn’t be able to go, but then Ben received a gift beyond compare. An out-of-town customer left him a $750 tip at the establishment where he worked. Printed on the check was a note saying that he hoped it would get him back to his family for the holidays.

The following video shows how this changed everything for the young couple:

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