Woman Rescues Tiny Kitten From Dumpster Only To Learn It’s Very Rare

There is only a one in 3,000 chance of this happening.

A single Imgur post is all we know about the abandoned newborn kitten that made news for its genetic rarity. A user by the name of Vodkaholy posted a few photos of the tiny creature.

The story went viral after a family member nursed it back to health.

It’s not terribly uncommon for heartless people to abandon kittens they don’t care for in dumpsters, but no one knows how the newborn kitten ended up there.

It would be humane to bring it to a shelter.

Vodkaholy aunt heard the kitten’s mews, and she appears to have rescued the baby, who was barely a week old at the time.

Even the kitten’s eyes hadn’t opened yet – that usually happens 7-10 days after birth.

It’s been a rough start

Aside from being discarded immediately after birth, the kitten had also been injured and was infected.

A few days old, it had a broken leg and gangrene on a paw. When the kitten’s rescuer took it to the vet, the paw couldn’t be saved.


“Poor kitty had barely even opened his eyes before he had to give up a paw,” said Vodkaholy.

A big surprise

There’s no doubt that finding such a sad creature abandoned in the trash was shocking, but the vet had another surprise in store.

In fact, the kitten was a male calico!

“It’s really rare for calicos to be male, according to the vet. What a special boy!” read the caption accompanying the photos.

Calico color genes are located on the X chromosome and since it’s a recessive trait, a cat must have two X chromosomes to be calico. Only females are genetically XX while males are XY.

The kitten’s genetic makeup is XXY, which only occurs once in every 3000 calico cats.

A chance at life

A number of people commented on the post, asking for more details, such as the cat’s name.

She named him Martyr. I think she thought it would be funny.”

In any case, he won’t be a dad to any more calico kittens:

Vodkaholy said the kitty was born sterile, but vets say it’s normal for male calicos to be sterile.


A forever home

Vodkaholy’s aunt kept the kitten, and the user reported that he was healthy and happy (even though he only had three paws).

As of last update, the kitten had been in his new home for three months and was adjusting well.

Though he is a “failed foster,” he is not the first kitten this sweet aunt has brought home.

She’s used to picking up strays and finding them homes, but this one she absolutely adored and will keep.”

source : shareably

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