Baby born with HEART-shaped birthmark became “superstar” in delivery room. See what he looks like now

Cinar was born with a cute birthmark on his forehead. His father Murat and his wife Ceyda were shocked when they first saw their baby Cinar with a red mark on his forehead when he was born in Ankara, Turkey.

“I noticed the birthmark on his head after a nurse cleaned the blood from his head.

“I was shocked. I realized his heart was amazing when I closed his head.

“I had a hard time holding back my tears.

It’s actually a birthmark in the shape of a heart! Cinar, the first in his family to have the adorable mark, is the recipient of nature’s miracle. At the time of his birth, the baby was such a star in the delivery room that even the nurses took selfies with him.

The nurse screamed, “Oh my good, he is a love baby!”.

The father said, “Then three others came and took selfies.”.

“Everyone smiles at us and loves him when we walk around.

The heart-shaped birthmark of his birthmark makes all of our friends curious.

“They say he’s a love baby.

“When we go to the hospital for customs control, nurses and doctors call him “Heartened boy”. There are already a lot of fans for him.”

Cinar is now an adult. Due to the unusual nature of this phenomenon, more and more people are willing to take pictures with the little one every day.

During birth, doctors predicted that this birthmark would eventually disappear at the age of 6-8 years.

Nature tried her best!

Does this birthmark suit the baby well?

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