Blind 8-Year-Old’s Piano Skills Mesmerizes And Moves Mom To Tears

If music is food for the soul, then İpek Nisa Göker has plenty of it. Music lovers everywhere are captivated by the stunning piano skills of this 8-year-old Turkish girl. She can play classical pieces by Chopin and Mozart as well as compose her own. The fact that she is blind makes her artistry even more remarkable.

In Kaş in Antalya, Turkey’s seaside town, her family discovered her talent early on, prompting her mother to post videos of her playing. The videos were first uploaded to Instagram in April 2021 and to YouTube in September. On Instagram, she has more than 95,500 followers, and on YouTube, she has more than 8,500 subscribers. Videos of Göker playing Handel’s “Sarabande” and Chopin’s Spring Waltz by French composer Paul de Senneville can be found among the posts. 

Additionally, Göker composes her own music. Her mother explained the inspiration behind the original scores and titles in various Instagram posts. On Jan. 29, 2022, Göker tickled the ivories of her newest musical score titled “Mr. Loran,” about a 7-year-old boy who dreams of flying on the wings of birds.

Göker played another complex original piece in a video posted on July 13, 2022. In the middle of the night, her daughter came to her mother asking if she could play the piano instead of sleeping. I took a snapshot with permission. I came up with this composition. It was called ‘Dream.'”

In a tearful video posted on May 13, 2022, her mom showed how she learned to play the intricate piano pieces without being able to read music sheets.

See the full video at the end of this article.

Göker’s mother played the opening credits song from the TV show “Game of Thrones.” After hearing the song, Göker played it almost perfectly, causing her mother to cry.

Her mother explained that she first records the notes she hears in her head, then tries to play them part by part. She never forgets what she hears.

Her immense talent has attracted the attention of music lovers in Turkey, and she has been invited to perform at the renowned Maximum Uniq hall in Istanbul and other venues, as well as appearing on television. 

She also showed her daughter lighting up the sound booth during a recording session as she announced Göker would soon release an album of her own compositions.

One of a set of triplets, Göker celebrated her eighth birthday on May 20, 2022, with videos and photos showing mom, dad, and the girls enjoying the simple things in life. 

Göker dances with her dad to a recording of a composition she wrote for him called “Flowers of my heart” in one inspiring post. 

With her talent at such a young age, her videos have been a hit online.

One fan tweeted, “This is as smooth and perfectly played as I have ever heard it. Not just mistake-free notes, but perfect rhythm and pitch. All with her tiny hands.”

Another Instagram user wrote, “She’s super talented. God bless her.”.

Seeing Göker’s talent nurtured by her family and recognized by thousands gives us great joy, and we wish her many more happy days playing the piano.

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