Bullied Woman With Down Syndrome Persevered And Is Now The Face Of Fashion Campaigns

Grace Strobel grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, as an average teenager. Grace, 26, was born with Down syndrome, and although she was loved and supported by her family, she was bullied by others who did not understand it. The first American model with Down syndrome to represent a skin care line was Grace.

While Down syndrome is one of the most common disabilities in the United States, it is not properly portrayed in the media. As a result, people with disabilities in modern society are viewed as abnormal due to the lack of representation they receive in the entertainment industry.

Children tend to fear or hate what they don’t understand, and such thoughts can have lasting effects on them. Our youth should be informed about disabilities and individuals who are different from the average person. By being informed, such incidents can be prevented, such as the one that prompted Grace’s mother, Linda, to take action.

According to NBC news, Linda Strobel decided to intervene after the bullying incident and help her daughter. They created The Grace Effect, a series of presentations discussing disabilities. In addition to raising awareness about Grace’s disability, these presentations also raised awareness about others. As a result of her experience, Grace decided to speak out for all those with her condition.

She has become a role model for people with disabilities, proving that anyone can achieve their dreams.

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One day, Grace stumbled upon a model named Ellie Goldstein while browsing the internet. Despite having Down syndrome, Ellie had achieved great success in the fashion world, even modeling for Gucci cosmetics. Linda was enthusiastic when she asked her mother if she could become a model.

In 2018, Grace began a new career with her first photoshoot. After her photos went viral, she now models for three agencies. As Forbes reported, Grace has also appeared in a few magazines and on “The Today Show.”

Her notable work includes being featured in Lady Gaga’s cosmetics and participating in an Alivia campaign. Grace’s career is perfect for this brand, which historically has supported artists with disabilities. She is extremely proud of her daughter, who now represents a brand that respects and acknowledges disabled people.

Grace also participated in Obagi’s “skinclusion” campaign, making her the first American model with Down syndrome to represent a skin care brand. 

In February 2022, Grace met Rihanna, who is the brand ambassador for Rihanna’s Fenty line.

It would have been very easy for Grace to hide from all the bullying and negativity during her childhood, but she chose to face everything head-on. The experiences she went through only made her stronger and more determined to raise awareness for individuals like her. It is her hope that her journey has inspired children going through similar experiences.

source : apost.com

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