Toddler Born With Rare Hair Syndrome Is One Of Roughly 100 Confirmed Cases Worldwide

A 17-month-old baby’s wild mane has gone viral! Layla Davis suffers from Uncombable Hair Syndrome. 

Uncombable Hair syndrome affects the hair shafts, according to In many cases, the disease is characterized by the color and texture of the hair. People with this rare condition tend to have wheat-colored blond or silvery-blond hair that sticks straight up.

Additionally, their hair is often described as coarse and dry. Dr. Luis Garza, a dermatology professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, explained to USA Today that this condition is not dangerous, but rather a genetic disease that affects how hair grows. If you cut the bottom of a cylinder of hair, you’d see a circle,” Garza told the outlet. A person with this condition has hair that looks like a triangle with a funny groove when it is cut. The different pattern in which the hair grows directly affects the individual’s ability to maintain it.  

Garza estimates that less than one out of 1,000 people will suffer from Uncombable Hair Syndrome. Layla, however, is one of only 100 people in the world with this rare disorder. Charlotte Davis, Layla’s mother, told Daily Mail how relieved she was to finally diagnose her daughter’s condition and how her wild locks inspired humorous nicknames. 

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Charlotte told the Daily Mail that Layla’s hair began changing as she grew older. 

“She was fluffy from the time she was one,” the mother of two told the outlet. Afterward, it grew more and more outward.”

She was initially in denial and assumed Layla’s hair would eventually flatten out. Layla’s diagnosis with Uncombable Hair Syndrome came as a relief to the devoted mother.

I am very proud to have received the diagnosis because it is so rare,” Charlotte said. “I delayed getting her tested for it because there are only one hundred people with it in the world – the chances of her having it are very slim.”

Her wild tresses have earned her a few funny nicknames. Charlotte told the outlet that she often calls her daughter nicknames like Boris Johnson and Albert Einstein.

While Layla is only a toddler, Charlotte has noticed that the 17-month-old is becoming more aware of her hair, mainly due to others drawing attention to it. 

It may be because other people ruffle and touch her hair, but Charlotte now does it herself.

“My two-year-old son has noticed that his hair isn’t the same,” she said. Sometimes he strokes his hair and then hers.”

Charlotte hopes that as her daughter grows up and becomes more aware of her differences, she will learn how “awesome” they are. In her words, “I don’t think she realizes how awesome it is.” “I just want her to grow up knowing it is awesome even though she looks different.”

By the time the child reaches adolescence, the condition may spontaneously disappear. It is a rare syndrome, so research into its causes is ongoing. 

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