Dad Of Quintuplets Switches From Stroller To Leash And Causes Internet Controversy

It is rare to have multiple children at the same time. Three out of every 100 babies are born to a family with multiple children. What are the chances of having quintuplets? That’s a much bigger odd. One in 60 million families have five quintuplets and five babies. 

Jordan Driskell has five children. The father realized how difficult parenting can be as his same-age children grew from babies into young children. The Driskell family used a 6-seat stroller to seat and move the quintuplets on family outings. They realized after some time that the big and bulky stroller would not last much longer due to the children being unsettled in it. Due to its inconvenience, the stroller also added stress. 

During one outing to the aquarium, the father posted a video about how the family handled all of their young children. While out adventuring, they adapted to a new way to handle their quintuplets instead of using their stroller. Driskell used a leash to handle his crazy kids. After posting a video, the internet had quite a bit to say about the dad’s decision. With all five children attached to a leash, Driskell walked with Zoey, Dakota, Hollyn, Asher and Gavin. He was shamed for using a leash on his Instagram page. Millions of views and over 6,000 comments have been posted on the viral Instagram video of Driskell and his five children. 

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Driskell told Today Parents that using the 6-seat stroller became too difficult. “It was just too bulky and ridiculous to take anywhere,” the quintuplet father said. When he switched to using a leash, the kids ran more freely. 

“Also, when we go somewhere crowded, they want to walk,” the dad explained. “A leash allows them to do that – but we are still in control.” He said they love it. 

Having the leash also gives the whole family more freedom. “For our own peace of mind, we use a leash,” Driskell said. “It also allows us to do fun things as a family without being stressed.” 

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Internet users agreed with the family’s decision to switch from stroller to leash. Nearly 7000 comments have been left on Driskell’s popular post. 

“There’s nothing wrong with this, I think it’s brilliant, I always used baby harnesses with reigns on my two, so they were always with me.” wrote an Instagram user. 

Another person said, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”. I would do the same if I had that many. Keep it up!❤️A user on the internet said Driskell’s choice to use a leash was very responsible parenting with so many children. “With five kids, you need responsible parenting,” they wrote. 

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