Meet Enzo, The Adorable Golden Retriever Born With A “Little Freckle” Who’s Going Viral On Instagram

Each of us has something unique that makes us stand out. There are some people who possess unique physical characteristics, while there are others who possess unique personality traits. It does not only apply to humans, but also to animals. We can identify others in a flash by their birthmarks, which fall under the category of physical attributes.

The extraordinary birthmark on Enzo the golden retriever sets him apart from other golden retrievers. The adorable and cuddly Enzo was fortunate enough to find his forever home at the age of just 2 years old. Friendly is another way to describe him. As a result of a rare genetic mutation, Enzo stands out from the rest of the dogs.

Image Credit & More Info; mister.enzoviola/instagram

As a result of this genetic mutation, he has a huge black splotch around his left eye. Normally, purebred golden retrievers possess a single golden coat, but this one has a birthmark on the left side of his face. This birthmark adds to his beauty without a doubt. A golden retriever’s coat is generally black from birth. Their golden color is caused by a modifier gene in their bodies.

This modifier gene is present in almost all golden retrievers. In Enzo’s case, a slight mistake in his DNA erased the modifier gene on the left eye area of his face. Pigmented somatic cell mutation is a rare condition. In spite of this, Enzo’s birthmark has made him popular all over the world. He has more than 100k followers on Instagram. Although Enzo has no idea how unique he is, he continues to live as any other golden retriever would.

There is a lot of love for this adorable dog and his interesting birthmark. Meanwhile, Enzo is trying to make friends everywhere he goes. Since golden retrievers are solid-colored, people sometimes mistake him for a mutt.

 Moreover, this doggo is extremely large for his age. To see more pictures of this lovable soul, follow him on Instagram under the username mister.enzoviola.

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