Students Build Wheelchair-Stroller For Dad With Disability To Take Son On Walks

It can be both fun and important for parents to spend quality time with their children. Spending more time with your child usually results in a stronger bond, which is why so many parents choose a hands-on approach with their children at a young age. It’s common for parents to bring their babies along on daily walks to let them get fresh air and relax a bit in the outdoors, but pushing a stroller can be challenging for some.

Jeremy King is a father with a disability, and he and his wife have been researching ways to take their baby for walks in a stroller that connects to his wheelchair, but have been unsuccessful. Chelsie King, a teacher at Bullis School in Potomac, Maryland, recruited some of her brightest students to help find a solution.

A group of students had been in a club that developed inventions that improved people’s lives, making them the perfect group to design something for the King family. In the end, they combined a few of their ideas to create a working model of a device that would enable people in wheelchairs to push a stroller. As a sweet task to help out their teacher’s family, they created an invention that has helped many others with disabilities.

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NBC 4 reported in July 2021 that Jeremy had undergone brain surgery three years earlier, resulting in numerous physical challenges, including difficulty speaking and walking, requiring him to use a wheelchair. When the Kings learned they were expecting, they tried to find something that would allow Jeremy to walk their son, but they couldn’t. We just wanted to be able to have family walks and for him to be able to do everything a parent without disabilities can,” Chelsie said.

Matt Zigler, the head of the school’s Innovation and Technology Lab, taught a class about making inventions for social good, and he got his class together to make a design for the Kings. The class split into teams and came up with various ideas before finally combining them to create the ultimate design. According to NBC 4, the WheeStroll is a wheelchair stroller adapter that allows a car seat to be attached to a wheelchair. As a result, Jeremy was able to take his son for walks.

As Jeremy told Good Morning America, “Using it was overwhelming because I never thought I would be able to do something like this with our son.” “Most people can go out on a walk with their family, but that is really difficult for me.”

Even though the invention changed the lives of the King family, the students’ hard work has also been recognized by many others. According to NBC 4, the WheeStroll was designed by high school students who won two international awards.

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