Woman Stopped Shaving Her Mustache And Unibrow And Says It’s Made Her Life Easier

Both men and women grow body and facial hair, even if it’s less noticeable for some than for others. Around the age of 13-14, one woman from Copenhagen, Denmark tried to keep up with other girls. After plucking and shaving her facial hair for many years, Eldina Jaganjac decided to take matters into her own hands. 

She decided in March 2020 that she no longer wanted to worry about her face and body hair. The lack of resources for women’s facial and body hair frustrated Jaganjac before making this personal decision. According to her, women should spend a considerable amount of time maintaining their appearances. 

When in public, Jaganac experienced both kind and unkind stares and looks after letting her facial hair grow in. Even though she never asked them for their opinions, many men have commented on her appearance outwardly. According to the woman, men have commented on her eyebrows, mustache, and arm hair. Despite loving her confident lifestyle, she understands why women remove their hair. 

According to Jaganjac, the choices she has made with her body and facial hair are not for anyone but herself. It is not her intention to offend or please men, but rather to make her life easier and more comfortable. Jaganjac doesn’t shave, but doesn’t think it’s bad or good either way – it’s up to the woman. 

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Jaganjac revealed in an interview with Tyla Magazine that she used to feel insecure about her facial hair as a child. I used to feel less feminine because of my rather voluminous eyebrows. When my body hair began to grow as a teenager, I was considered a brute. 

Also, she noted that girls are under pressure to maintain body hair removal at an early age. She remembered most girls around her panicking around the age of thirteen to fourteen and starting to shave and pluck anything pluckable in order to fit into their new role as young women. 

In 2020, the woman said she felt there were fewer options for women than for men when it came to body and facial hair ownership. Until I let my unibrow grow out, Jaganjac felt women had very limited options as to how they should look. In her opinion, women are expected to spend much more money and time on their looks than men in order to be deemed visually acceptable in society, especially in public areas. 

She said no one comments on men’s facial or body hair. “If a man doesn’t shave or pluck his eyebrows, no one notices or comments,” she said. 

According to Jaganjac, she doesn’t care what people think of her appearance. I don’t care what people think. I don’t want it to become a big deal, but it’s a personal choice for everyone to make, and I wish that people wouldn’t care how a woman chooses to look. 

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