Parents Sell Son’s House After Being Told They Aren’t ‘Good Enough’ For His Wedding

Life will sometimes require us to take a stand. In some cases, it may be easy, but in others, it may be very challenging.

This was the case for the man in the following story. As a result of a situation with his son, he basically disowned him. The story behind it, however, is what really intrigues people.

He let his son live rent-free in a home he bought. He even paid the property taxes! It wasn’t until the boy’s girlfriend moved in that the problems began.

Read the story below and decide for yourself whether he was right or wrong.

My wife and I bought a four-bedroom house in PA for my son. Our son attended college in Pennsylvania and wanted to stay in the area. Since we live in NJ and commute into Manhattan for work, we bought the house as a second home. As long as he had a place to live, we could visit him occasionally and spend some quality time together.

The taxes and maintenance on the house are paid by us, while our son pays for groceries and utilities. After a few years, our son meets a girl and they begin a serious relationship. She seemed nice enough when we met her. She moves in with our son after they announce their engagement.

Here’s the problem: the wedding!

A get-to-know-you BBQ is held at the PA house, where my son and daughter, as well as our son’s fiancé’s parents and sisters, attend. We all seem to be getting along well – my wife, daughter, fiancé, her mother, and sisters, as well as my son. After a few minutes, my wife and daughter come out upset. We’re leaving and driving back to NJ, they tell me. My goal is to find out what happened. As soon as we get back to NJ and they calm down, they tell me that our son and his fiancé, along with her family, don’t want us at the wedding. We aren’t their kind of people, according to what I was told. My son and I were livid. I called him and asked him what was going on. I am told that her family feels that we are not good enough and will embarrass them at a family wedding and that we are not invited.

After a week, I drove back to the PA house with the fiancé’s new future in-laws. Since we aren’t invited to the wedding, I came over to talk to my son since they all moved into the house. I am told to leave their house. They had 30 days to leave, so I lost it. My son could find somewhere else to live with all of you if I sell the house. The house is listed with a realtor in town.

They tell my son what I said at work. It appears that they thought he owned the house. I tell him I paid for the house, along with the taxes, and it is mine. Since he doesn’t want us in his new life, he has to leave his rent-free apartment. I tell him the same thing I told his future in-laws: they have 30 days to leave, then I’ll get a lawyer and evict them.

Do I qualify as the AH for taking a hard stance on this? The in-laws seem to have taken over and we no longer count as his parents.

Source: Reddit

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