Café Owner Gives Homeless Man A Job Instead Of Turning Him Away & Gets Loyal Employee

There is a time in everyone’s life when they fall on hard times. These rough periods may be more frequent or challenging for some than for others. When Marcus, who had seen more than his fair share of tough days, walked into a Minnesota café to ask for money, the owner welcomed him in instead of throwing him out. 

Cesia Abigail Baires, then 25 years old, owned Abi’s Café in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She had a life-changing encounter soon after opening her cafe. Marcus walked into Abi’s Café in March 2016 looking for extra cash. He had no idea what was in store for him when he stepped into the restaurant that day. 

In response to Marcus’ plight, Baires wanted to give him more than just a few dollars. His story was invited to be shared with her. Baires then discovered Marcus’s troubled past. Since he was a young man, he lived on the streets and had a criminal record that included multiple felonies. 

Baires was moved by his story and offered him a job on the spot. Even though it was just washing dishes and taking out the trash, Marcus was thrilled. Marcus was given a meal by Baires before he was put to work. She couldn’t believe what he did next. 

Marcus briefly stepped outside to share his hot meal with another homeless person. At that moment, Baires knew she wanted to keep Marcus around so he could go from homeless and unemployed to employed and no longer hungry.

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Baires said she realized she could help the man in more ways than just giving him money. She told Fox 9: “I want to know about him, not just give him food or a couple of dollars.” So she sat with the homeless man to hear his story. Since most employers weren’t keen on hiring ex-convicts because of their criminal records, it was difficult for him to find a job. In spite of this, she made him an offer. 

“I asked Marcus, would you like to stay a couple of hours?” Are you looking for a job? I have a job for you,” Baires continued. As a result of Marcus’ kind act of generosity toward another homeless person, Baires knew she wanted to hire him long-term. 

That’s when I just decided to ask him to keep coming,” Baires told the outlet. Marcus’s two hours of work quickly turned into two weeks of part-time work. 

After Baires shared their story on Facebook, readers were touched. Not only did the post create buzz around the owner and her eatery, but also for Marcus. As a result of the increased awareness and public support, Baires raised over $8,000 to help others in need. 

She said, “A lot of people say I have blessed him, but at that point it was I who needed a blessing.”. 

The Facebook post became an instant hit, and Baire’s act of kindness received a lot of praise. 

“By showing your heart to the universe, or to God, you’ll surely get more opportunities to impact those lives and give them hope,” one user told Daily Mail. 

“Amazing!” wrote another. She is such a kind soul! You gave him this opportunity and he appreciates it! ”

Not every restaurant takes a chance on people from the street, admits the owner. 

“Some restaurants wouldn’t even let you use their restrooms,” she said. “I don’t judge someone based on their appearance. Go use it. I don’t treat homeless people any differently.”

Marcus’s friends, including Amanda, regularly visit the eatery to check on him, she said.

She just treats us like regular people, she doesn’t judge us,” Amanda told Fox 9.

As Marcus did, Baires explained, he had his own help. It took a lot of people to get to where I am today. They believed in me. People need someone to believe in them.”

Though Baires said she wanted to help Marcus, he also had to want a better life. 

“It will be difficult for him to give up whatever addiction he has,” she said. I want to help (him), but he must want to help (himself) as well.”

A new location as well as a food truck have been added to Abi’s Café, now known as Abi’s Restaurant.

How do you feel about Baires’ generosity? If you were homeless, would you make such an effort to help them? Please share this story with your friends and family who are sure to be inspired.  

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