After Hearing A Bully Dropped Boy’s Shoes In The Toilet, Kind Classmate Brought Him A New Pair

Skyler Carter, a senior at his high school, decided to show up to the boy’s door with a new pair of shoes after learning that someone at his school had thrown his shoes in the toilet.

Meghan Hendrix found out what had occurred to her son, Tanner, at school, and she said it “broke her mother heart” in an online post.

“Tanner had his sneakers taken from him and thrown in the toilet at school last week. This shattered my mama’s heart…” Meghan penned an essay.

The next week, Meghan’s family received a knock at the door. Skyler, a senior at Tanner’s high school, was the perpetrator. He’d heard about Tanner’s misfortune and decided to go out and purchase him some new shoes, which he personally delivered to Tanner’s home.

“Then a senior from his high school came up at our door tonight. He wanted to get Tanner new sneakers after hearing what had transpired. Meghan remarked, “This gesture of compassion has left me speechless.”

As Skyler arrived with the sneakers, their door camera captured the romantic moment.

Skyler explained, “I heard Tanner’s shoes were dumped in the toilet, so I’m here to replace them.”

“Are you certain?” Tanner’s father was overheard stating.

Skyler softly responded, “Yeah.”

Tanner responded, “Thank you,” to which Skyler replied, “You’re welcome.”

“Yeah, I heard about that and was like… awww guy… “Kids can be cruel,” Skyler said.

“Wow, that’s incredible”. Tanner’s father answered, “Thank you very much.”

Tanner’s mother was overjoyed by Skyler’s thoughtfulness toward her son. She said, “I will be eternally thankful to this child for being there for Tanner and for teaching us all what it takes to just be a decent person.”

She also stated that their family had informed the school about the incident, and that the school had handled the matter admirably for all parties involved.

“Yes, we informed the school, and they handled the situation admirably. In the end, it was a win-win situation for everyone involved. The school was able to figure out who did it, and after speaking with Tanner, it was discovered that the perpetrator is frequently picked on and taunted at school. Tanner stated, “I’ll just make an additional effort to be kind to him since he needs friends!” Meghan penned an essay.

Many others have expressed their support for Tanner online, as well as how much Skyler’s gesture of kindness was appreciated and important.

“May God bless you! Thank you, Tanner, for being such a great young man, and I appreciate the compassion of the high school senior! It just takes one person to make a difference! Be that special person in someone’s life! Connie B. exclaimed, “We could change the world!”

“That was quite thoughtful of the senior. Tanner, don’t let that experience deter you from pursuing your ambitions. “You are adored and appreciated by many,” Donna S. commented.

“I’m sad Tanner had to experience that. “Congratulations to the nice youngster who purchased him new sneakers, as well as the child’s great parents for raising such a kind and loving young man,” Mary R. commented.

“Wow!! At the same time, it’s heartbreaking and heartwarming! What a fantastic result! Thank you very much for sharing!” Brittani H. remarked.

Take a look at this video of Skyler delivering new sneakers to Tanner:

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