Mama horse lost her baby then melts 26M hearts after ‘adopting’ orphaned foal

Animals love their children and want to protect them as much as humans do.There are, however, sometimes complications during birth.

Animals experience the same things as humans. A mother animal is also heartbroken if her child or children pass away at birth. There are some who look depressed when they realize they have lost their young ones and keep looking for them.

Uniek, a Friesian horse in The Netherlands, was pregnant.

As soon as she went into labor, she knew something was wrong. As she strutted in circles inside her stable, she felt anxious about that moment. She was being calmed down by her owner, Yvonne.

The veterinarians who assisted Uniek pulled out a foal that wasn’t breathing an hour after Uniek gave birth. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to revive him. Sadly, he did not survive.

Uniek was comforted by Yvonne who stayed behind.

In an attempt to revive her foal, the heartbroken mare kept licking him. Yvonne continued to comfort Uneik as they took the foal out of her stable. There was no doubt that her beloved horse was in a lot of pain.
Yvonne and the rest of the Friesian Horses team received wonderful news. A friend told her they had an orphaned foal in their care.


Queen Uniek might not be receptive to another horse’s foal, but she thought it might be the solution to her grief.

The foal was loaded into a van and transported to their farm. Yvonne wanted to see if Uniek would like to adopt the foal. Her son died, while the foal had no mother. Hope filled the barn.
Slowly, Yvonne brought Uniek closer to the foal.

In the beginning, the interactions were very tentative. The foal sniffed her back, and she did the same. Seeing the foal in front of her, she did a little dance as if claiming him as her own.
“It was an extremely special moment. It never occurred to me that this would happen. Yvonne told The Dodo, “We knew immediately that Queen Uniek accepted Rising Star.”.

Queen Uniek has never left Rising Star’s side since then.

They discovered the lovable mother and son the next day, and Uniek became very protective of her adopted foal. Everywhere he went, she went with him. Uniek always walked close to Rising Star.

In the field, Rising Star was the happiest foal Yvonne had ever seen.

As any young animal would, he ran and played freely. Meanwhile, Uniek followed right behind him and kept a close eye on her baby.

Below is a video of Uneik meeting the foal!

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