Viral Video: This 107-year-old mother’s love for her 84-year-old daughter is heartwarming

107-year-old mother gives candy to 84-year-old daughter, her reaction wins internet fame.

No matter how old we grow, our mothers will always see us as little kids.

In a recent viral video on social media, an 84-year-old great-grandmother was seen smiling like a little girl after receiving a gift from her 106-year-old mother.

Even though the video is about a mother giving a candy to her daughter, it is the age and reactions of the women which make the video feel so good.

People’s Daily China shared the video on Twitter. This is the happiest child on earth! A 107-year-old mother gave her 84-year-old daughter a piece of candy from a wedding ceremony,” reads the caption.

Here is a video that beautifully captures the essence of the mother-daughter relationship:

Since then, the video has been shared and reshared all over the world, melting hearts everywhere.

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