Mom Worries Electricians Will Get Sick Of 5-Year-Old’s Help, but They “Hired” Him instead

An act of kindness by an electrician in the UK has gone viral. Although the boy’s mother worried the electricians would get tired of her five-year-old’s help, they actually hired him. Imagine Laura Anderson’s surprise when Seyton’s Electricalhired her son, Theo..

She was looking forward to having several repairs and upgrades completed at her home. She dreaded having electricians in and out of her house for six weeks. Her main concern was that her curious son would drive the electricians crazy with his millions of questions.Theo didn’t just ask questions, he followed them around the house and offered to help as much as he could. One time, Theo even ordered the electricians in the UK to take a break and eat a few cookies.

Laura was somewhat relieved and sad for Theo when their jobs were finally finished, as he loved helping the electricians. In that case, when they returned to her house one afternoon, she was utterly shocked and overwhelmed by their random act of kindness: they returned with a payslip for Theo because he had been so helpful.

Five-year-olds are hired by electricians in the UK

Laura posted a picture of Theo’s pay slip and the cash he earned to Facebook to announce Theo’s ‘first job.’ This story is truly unique and funny due to the descriptions of the jobs Theo was paid for, including:

  • measuring items
  • Counting and adding up number of sockets
  • Catering (yummy cookies)
  • Excellent volunteering
  • Quality assurance (asking a lot of questions)

Anderson said Theo was disappointed when the workers left but delighted with his earnings from his “first job”. Theo immediately decided to spend his first paycheck on his little brother after thanking the electricians in the UK.

“After saying ‘thank you,’ the first thing he said was that he was happy and wanted to go and buy his brother an Easter egg,” Laura said, adding, “Quite possibly the sweetest act of kindness I have ever witnessed.” I couldn’t agree more. Asking a lot of questions is considered “quality assurance,” and sharing cookies is considered catering! Seyton’s Electrical is definitely setting the bar when it comes to kindness.

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