Gas Attendant Who Paid For A Stranger’s Fuel Receives Donations Worth 8 Years Of His Salary

Would you feel the same if you received all your income in one lump sum? A woman who chose to refill at the gas station where he works made a positive impact on both of their lives.

Exactly this happened to Nkosikho Mbele, a Shell gas attendant in South Africa. His newfound luck was a result of an act of compassion he performed for a young woman.

It all began when Monet van Deventer of Cape Town, South Africa, went to fill up at the petrol station. However, when she arrived, she found that she didn’t have any cash or credit cards with her.

While Nkosikho was cleaning her car’s windows, Monet intervened, knowing she couldn’t afford it.

Thanks for cleaning my windows, but I won’t be able to put gas in today. Because he was gazing at my gasoline needle, which was already in the red, he appeared agitated and surprised,” she added.

In the end, the gas worker offered Monet a kind offer: he would pay her R100 (USD 7) gas bill so she could fill up and cross the highway with adequate fuel.

“Ma’am, you can’t run out of fuel on the N2,” he said. “He said, ‘I’ll pay you R100, and whenever you’re close again, I’ll give you my R100 back,'” Monet recalled.

Mont, who works as an account manager for a hotel software company, assumed the service was available to all Shell customers. Nkosikho, on the other hand, used his own bank card to pay for the petrol.

Before she could say anything, he began filling up her nearly empty gas tank. She didn’t realize what had happened until she was driving away.

However, Nkosikho earns the minimum wage, and the R100 was almost as much as he earns in a day.

Nkosikho, who earns about R1,100 (USD 75) per week, did not have much money spare. Despite not knowing if Monet would refund his money, he agreed to pay for her petrol.

Nkosikho, as it turned out, had nothing to worry about.

A few days later, Mont returned with his money and a box of chocolates.

I was overjoyed when she returned. Her smile told me it was appreciated. “I could see in her eyes that she was grateful for what I had done for her,” Nkosikho said.

Monet, however, had something special in mind for the gas station employee who helped her fill up her car when she needed money.

Their story went viral after she shared it on Facebook. After that, a steady trickle of donations for Nkosikho began to pour in.

Monet and Nkosikho discussed it and decided to start a crowdfunding campaign.

Over $94,000 was raised, which is almost eight years of Nkosikho’s salary.

Shell’s executives learned of the employee’s good deed and decided to nominate him for the Regional Service Excellence Award.

Nkosikho Mbele wiping the windshield of a car

Shell has also pledged $35,000 to a local charity of Nkosikho’s choosing.

“This was all God’s doing.” I feel as though I’m dreaming. My mind is blown. I’m optimistic. Regular people can make a difference in the world. I was no one, yet because of this insignificant detail, people who don’t even know me can see me…” Nkosikho expressed his gratitude for his good fortune.

He lives in a small hut with his two children, mother, and brother, so this money was a great benefit to him and his family.

He said, “I was just happy to see her drive off, knowing she would reach her destination safely, and I had no idea that what I did would enrich my life so much.”

For his generous deed and his newfound fortune, Nkosikho became an instant celebrity in his community. People would regularly stop him and ask for selfies while he walked around the township after work.

“My life has been turned upside down,” he remarked.

This is a transformation this man deserves! Watch the video below to find out more.


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